Arizona is home to some of the most amazing public records laws out there. If any public servant or governmental body in the state has collected information, you can probably get access to it. All you have to do is know where to look and how to make the request. Of course you will probably also have to pay a small fee once they find the data you want. Here are posts related to Arizona public records:

Info Request

How to request public records in Arizona

The reddish color of the desert terrain in Arizona has often been compared to Mars. If you are trying to make a public records request you can sometimes feel like you are talking to someone from a different planet. Arizona offers a great deal of information to the general public if they know how to get it.


School public records available for free in Deer Valley, AZ

A local school district had the idea that charging for access to public school records would reduce the number of requests and the cost of complying. Unfortunately, not many people were excited about having to pay for access to school data.



Arizona city wants to stop abusive public records requests

An Arizona city wants to change the laws to try and do something about people and organizations that flood them with massive amounts of public records requests.




Arizona Sheriff goes after presidential birth records

Local Sheriff is going after the birth records of the president of the United States. This would not be a big deal except that he is doing it using taxpayer resources.