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How to request public records in Arizona

Info RequestArizona, like most states, has adopted a set of laws that grant public access to most records and data collected by government officers or a public body. Public bodies include any board, branch, commission, committee or council in a state, county, city or town level governing role as well as school districts, political subdivisions or special taxing districts. Arizona law allows that “any person” be able to request information for any purpose including commercial use so long as it is not shown to be misused. Any record that can be legally examined, can also be copied and distributed. If stated at the time of request that the record will be used for commercial reasons, businesses and organizations may use the information for profit or service.

School public records available for free in Deer Valley, AZ

FreeAnyone looking to process a public records request better not be going through the Deer Valley Unified School District unless they’re ready to pay up. At least, that was the deal until earlier this week, when The Goldwater Institute, a think tank based out of Phoenix, decided to challenge the Deer Valley, AZ based school district over its pricing on public records requests.

How to access Texas public records

Info RequestTexas government agencies and offices are tasked with providing various public records to individuals and businesses that request them. There are many types of records that are maintained and there are varying restrictions on who is able to access the different types of records. For example, public government records are open to everyone, but a criminal history or driving history has access restrictions.

Inmate on death row wins access to court documents

GavelDeath row inmate, LaTwon Weaver won his court case against the San Diego County Districts Attorney’s office to gain access to numerous court documents. Weaver had petitioned the state for access to the filing records associated with every murder suspect in the county from the years 1977 to 1993. He also wanted access to any court records that could indicate that the District Attorney’s office in San Diego County was selective about which suspects were charged with a capital crime.

California will look at Brown and Public Records Acts in 2014

CaliforniaAs of June this year, voters in California will get the chance to amend the state’s constitution. This amendment, if successful, will see local governments bearing the cost of making meetings and records open to the public. This important item will maintain government transparency and make sure information remains a matter of public record.