California is the largest state in the United States. If it were a country, it would rank in the top 40 in terms of population. Trying to find public records for someone in such a large state can prove challenging. The key lies in finding the specific agency or office that is responsible for maintaining the records you are looking for. Here you will find posts related to California public records:


Inmate on death row wins access to court documents

Case involving an inmate on death row that made requests to access court documents of other inmates required a decision on whether court information should be available to the public or not.




California will look at Brown and Public Records Acts

California is going to decide if local governments in the state should have to pay for the cost of providing public records and information on meetings. They are considering an amendment to the state constitution to make it happen.



Assault charges in San Francisco expose problems with criminal records

Case involving an assault shows that background checks are not all the the same. A popular company claimed they performed a comprehensive background check and found no issues, but a quick search of local public records found numerous criminal offenses.



UCLA Chancellor claims California Public Records Act inhibits academic freedom

UCLA is claiming that complying with the California Public Records Act actually harms academic freedom due to the possibility of politics interfering with potentially controversial projects.