Texas Public Records Archive

How to access Texas public records

Info RequestTexas government agencies and offices are tasked with providing various public records to individuals and businesses that request them. There are many types of records that are maintained and there are varying restrictions on who is able to access the different types of records. For example, public government records are open to everyone, but a criminal history or driving history has access restrictions.

Mug shot websites face scrutiny under new Texas law

mugshotIn the age of social media, we delight in sharing our personal lives with others. There is some information, however, we would rather keep secret. A growing number of websites are publishing mug shots, and individuals are finding that their criminal history – regardless of its accuracy – is readily available online and viewable by anyone.

New Texas law will require drug testing for unemployment benefits

cupA new law scheduled to take effect Feb. 1st would subject Texans applying for unemployment benefits to a drug screening program.

The Texas Workforce Commission said the program is delayed as they are awaiting required parameters set by the United States Labor Department. Nevertheless, this adds an extra layer of concern for unemployed individuals worried about the protection of their privacy as well as the validity of their claims.

Texas gun ownership, concealed carry and public records

handgunThe New Year brought several changes to Texas gun laws, especially concerning concealed handgun licenses. In a state where roughly one in every 45 citizens is licensed to carry a concealed handgun, what is and is not public knowledge concerning firearms has become an important topic for both sides of the gun debate.