Everything is bigger in Texas. That includes the number of places that provide public records. It is a huge state with a massive number of local counties, cities and municipalities to wade through. And that does not even count all the local councils and boards. Like so many other states, it all comes down to finding the agency that is responsible for maintaining what you are looking for. Here are posts related to Texas public records:

Info Request

How to access Texas public records

Find out what types of information is available and how to start your search for records in the “Lone Star State”. Also find out about the various restrictions that may apply to certain types of public records in the state.



Mug shot websites face scrutiny under new Texas law

Texas is cracking down on mug shot websites. The idea is to try and stop sites that take publicly available mug shots, post them online and then charge people a bounty to have them removed.



New Texas law will require drug testing for unemployment benefits

Texans that want to apply for unemployment benefits will have to subject themselves to a drug test if they want to get paid. Will the results of the exams be confidential or will they be available to anyone that requests them?



Texas gun ownership, concealed carry and public records

Many people in Texas are licensed to carry a concealed handgun. There is a list of all the people that have these licenses, but it is not publicly available. It is only provided to certain law enforcement agencies and any license holder must be notified if anyone requests to know if they are on the list.